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Getting Started with PrettyLitter

How many cats do you have?


The PrettyLitter Difference

Just Scoop the Poop!

PrettyLitter has advanced odour control, as it traps cat urine and evaporates moisture with our fast-acting silica gel.

Up to 80% Lighter

You never knew lightweight litter could work this hard.

Refill Just Once a Month

Smells great for up to 30 days, no topping off needed!

How does silica gel
cat litter work?

PrettyLitter’s silica gel crystals have millions of tiny pores in each grain. In fact, because of these pores, one small scoop of PrettyLitter has a surface area larger than a football field — no wonder one kitty litter bag goes so far!

Additionally, because PrettyLitter absorbs so well, it means you need less litter to last you and your cat, or multiple cats, a whole month. This makes our bags smaller and lighter. Solve your litter box odour issue, and take a fresh step towards better odour control with scented cat litter today.

Fun fact: PrettyLitter is up to 80% lighter than natural clay and traditional clumping litters.

Silica gel crystal absorbing liquid

Real reviews from real customers

Over 30,000 Five Star Rated Reviews

Featured Cat Parents

I had pretty high expectations when I purchased this litter, but it's delivered above and beyond all of them!... Amazing! Worth every penny!

Beverly V.

Five Star Rated

PrettyLitter checked off every box for us ... the odour control is great, no dust, and it’s impressive how much less litter is needed compared to others.

William O.

Five Star Rated

My apartment doesnt smell like a litterbox anymore.

Celena L.

Five Star Rated