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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Use PrettyLitter

How is PrettyLitter different from other cat litters?
How long does a bag of PrettyLitter last?
How do I Use PrettyLitter?
Will my cat have any problems using PrettyLitter?
Can PrettyLitter be used for multi-cat households?
Will PrettyLitter work in my self-cleaning, automated litter box?
How many bags of PrettyLitter do I need?


What are the ingredients of PrettyLitter?
What is Silica Gel?
How does PrettyLitter monitor my cat's health?
How effective is PrettyLitter at odour control?
Is PrettyLitter safe?
Does PrettyLitter clump?


Do you ship to Canada?
Do you offer international shipping?


How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Is it possible to order more than four bags at a time?
How do I cancel my subscription?
What is your 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee?

Ready to stop hating your cat litter?

  • Less dust and mess. Revolutionary health monitoring
  • Best in
        class odour control. Best in class odour control
  • Never run out with home delivery Never run out with home delivery
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